Sharing for Sharing’s Sake – September 2018

Ruckus Retreat inspired many people. I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to attend.

Ruckus Retreat was an interdisciplinary creative retreat held over the course of a weekend at a stunning hall in Wales with a backdrop of green hills and open fields. It included workshops, free creative time and a phenomenal open mic night as well as the opportunity to meet with such fantastic people who created things so unlike mine but incredible across different mediums. I was overwhelmed and blown away to see and hear what they had created. In truth, it was one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever done.

Many of the other fantastic people there have written about it far better than I could have (here and here to name a few) so I won’t delve too much more into it.

For many people it gave them a license to create and try new things. But for me the main take away was a new-found desire to share my work.

Sharing is part of getting involved. It had nothing to do with showing off my own work. Instead, people give you things of value in their own art and in of that exchange, you want to offer them something too. They bared something which might have been vulnerable for them and I was driven to do the same as a way to connect. Except I didn’t have anything.

Writing a novel is a long and solitary process. Although I’ve shared earlier drafts of my work in progress with beta readers for feedback, it’s not something that can be easily shared: it’s 100k words after all! Plus the fact it will go through numerous edits before it gets to a point where it is deemed a finished article. I have always been deeply uncomfortable talking about my work because of the way I felt others perceived it and me by extension. Add this all together and you have someone that keeps extremely quiet about what they spend the majority of their time thinking about.

But Ruckus has made me want to…well, make a bit more of a ruckus!

Hence the birth of this site.

I’ve had blogs in the past and they’ve gone the route I suspect most people’s blogs go in the end: they fade into obscurity as another blog that is never updated. My main challenge has always been when the novelty fades and normal life takes over, updating has become less and less of a priority which has allowed the blog to become stale with posts from months ago (if not years at some points). On top of this, I never felt satisfied with what I was doing and it became a burden more than something I wanted to show to people.

I want this to be different. This can stay static. It can be sporadically updated. The important part is the stories: they are here to be shared with any wonderful people who want to read it. I want to share my creative side with the people who want to know and that includes stories and updates on where I’m at with the process.

If you’ve made you’re way here, thank you. I hope you like what I’ve tried to share.



(PS if Ruckus Retreat sounds like something you want to get involved in, help make sure it’s a possibility next year! The main sponsor of the event dropped out last minute and left the two organisers with a serious amount of debt. Please pledge even a little towards their cause to create an open space and offer 20% of places to marginalised and disadvantages creators who otherwise would not be able to attend such events.)


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