Stories & Writing

Collection of flash fiction and short stories. Fantasy and magical realism for the most part to tickle your imaginations.

Black Feather
The crow tapped on the window four times.

Great Responsibility
Adrenaline flowing hard, I leap. Defying gravity. Hell, I’ll say it. I’m soaring.

The Neighbours brought the baby home
The neighbours brought the baby home three weeks ago. It’s screamed every night since…

She said wait. So I’m waiting…

She wails. Howling like a banshee caught in a blender…

That Old Sack
First, Sam drops the mouldy potatoes into the old sack she found under the sink. They fall out, good as new. Shiny. Restored…

Hatmaker, Hatmaker, Tell Me Your Secrets
But her hats. My God, her hats…

The Drive Over
“Where are we going?”
“The other side.”

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